When people think of ageing, all too often the skin takes centre stage but the lips actually play a pivotal role in looking youthful.

As you get older, lips start to thin and lose their volume, and this loss of plumpness can be a real telltale sign of ageing.

The good news is that it’s now possible to reverse these signs of ageing, quickly and conveniently, thanks to the technology of lip fillers.

Here’s a look at lip fillers and how they work, and just why they’re such a popular treatment.

What Can Lip Fillers Treat?

In the past, lip fillers have received some bad publicity with stars sporting bizarre-looking trout pouts after undergoing treatment.

However, modern lip fillers can provide a very subtle change too, only transforming your appearance by as much as you want.

Some of the problems lip fillers can help to address include loss of volume, loss of shape, loss of definition and fine lines.

Plumping up the lips, eradicating fine lines and creating a more kissable pout can make you instantly appear younger, even if your friends and family won’t be able to spot exactly why!

The Results You Want

Lip fillers Glasgow are a treatment that can be catered exactly to the patient, providing the end result that they really want.lip-filler-enhancement

If you’re only hoping for a small amount of volume, or just a bit more definition added, your Aesthetician at will make sure that just the tiniest amount of filler is used during your treatment. Conversely, if you want an all-out, dramatic transformation, lip fillers can achieve this too!

You are in charge of the result; all you have to do is explain the Aesthetician exactly what look you want, and then you can relax and wait for your new pout to be ready!

Quick And Easy

One of the problems with having beauty treatments is the time taken out of your schedule for both the appointment, and the recovery afterwards.

Lip fullers are a very quick treatment with the whole process lasting less than an hour. You won’t need an anaesthetic, just a local numbing cream, so there’s no lengthy recovery needed either.

This means that it’s an ultra-convenient type of treatment that can be slotted into a busy timetable and once you’ve had your fillers, you can just carry on with the rest of your day. There’s not many other treatments which can deliver the same results in such a short space of time!

You Can Change Your Mind

Lip fillers aren’t a permanent change and if you want to keep your new look, you’ll have to have top-up treatments once or twice a year.

The benefit to this is that if you want to try a new look, you won’t be stuck with something you don’t like forever! Lip fillers allow you to alter your appearance in the way you want and if you ever get fed up with having them, you can just let them wear off.

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